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The professionals at Northern Advantage Exteriors can handle any new door installation and even help you decide which types of exterior doors will best suit your home and needs.

Why Install New Exterior Doors?

Your exterior doors are the gateway to your home. Security is the number one feature that doors provide you and your family so it’s important to have safe, properly functioning doors. Another important feature of exterior door installation that often goes unrecognized is the impact on your energy bill. Doors become less energy efficient over time because of poor insulation and natural wear and tear. Properly insulated and fully functional doors keep the drafts out and the interior temperature steady.

If your front door, sliding glass door, or even interior doors need to be replaced for any reason, the experts at Northern Advantage Exteriors can help. We’re passionate about making sure that your home is safe and secure. You can rest assured that our door installation services will be done right and last.


Northern Advantage Exteriors can install a variety of popular entry door types, styles and colors.

  • Sliding Doors
  • Front Doors
  • French Doors
  • Screen Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Interior Doors


Doors can become dented, faded and scratched from regular wear and tear, high traffic and weather. They can also have issues with locks, handles, knobs, frames and weatherstripping. We perform cost-efficient door replacement services for these types of issues. The experts at Northern Advantage Exteriors can help increase your home’s energy efficiency by inspecting and replacing your doors to ensure they are as airtight as possible. This will also help keep out noise. Whether you have sliding glass doors, aluminum storm doors, patio doors or front doors that need to be replaced, Northern Advantage Exteriors can help.


Exterior and interior doors can become damaged in many ways. For instance, break-ins and extreme weather can damage entry doors, while indoor mishaps can damage interior doors. Even normal wear and tear can damage doors to the point that they don’t function properly and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, damaged doors are a safety risk for you and your family, especially when your entry door is affected. On the bright side, door replacement services are available with a phone call to Emmons Roofing & Siding.

If you notice that the doors in and around your home are damaged or aren’t working as they should, don’t hesitate to call us for a replacement quote. We even perform emergency replacement for broken doors and frames so that they’ll last and protect your home for years to come. Best of all, we can work with your home insurance company if you’ve filed a claim regarding your damaged doors. Our team understands the issues that home insurers are concerned with and knows how to get claim approvals fast.


Common Reasons for Door Replacement Services

  • Door Won’t Open Or Close
  • Broken Knobs Or Handles
  • Broken Locks
  • Door Won’t Latch
  • Broken Hinges
  • Cracks In The Frame
  • Worn Out Weather Stripping
  • Draft Around The Edges
  • Water Leaking In
Replace Your Front Door


Many homeowners do not realize that a front door that was improperly installed or is worn down can increase home heating and cooling costs. Improper installation results in a poor seal, which in turn causes air infiltration and thus loss of warm or cool air. As a door gets older, not only is the weather-stripping undermined, but the door can actually warp and thus lead to gaps that let air in and out. With a phone call, one of Northern Advantage Exteriors door installation experts can help you choose the perfect new door for your home.


When it’s time for you to replace the entry doors to your home, or install door for new buildings you might be surprised by the variety of options. The professionals at Northern Advantage Exteriors can handle any new door installation and even help you decide which types of exterior doors will best suit your home and needs. Below is a little bit of information to help you get started.

French Door Installation

Exterior French Doors

For a more elegant appearance and the most privacy and security, French patio doors are a flexible option that can open inward, outward, left and right. You can get them in aluminum, vinyl or wood, and you can choose whether only one or both sides open and close.

Wood Door Installation

Wooden Front Doors

Since its appearance surpasses that of other exterior door types, a wood entry door installation is a common desire among many homeowners. While this sturdy material offers good security too, it’s the most expensive and requires more maintenance than fiberglass and steel to prevent expanding, rotting and warping.

Storm Door Installation

Storm/Screen Doors

A storm door installation adds an extra layer of energy efficiency and protection to your home. Storm doors are available with aluminum, vinyl and steel frames with a full-view screen, glass pane or both to be interchangeable. Screen doors are the perfect addition to your home if you’re looking to increase airflow along with light.

Sliding Door Installation

Sliding Glass Doors

This type of patio door is the most common because it allows for maximum ventilation and light, and it’s available in aluminum, vinyl and wood. Since sliding glass patio doors are mostly glass, it’s recommended that you get reinforced glass or a security bar to improve their safety.

Steel Door Installation

Exterior Steel Doors

When you need new doors that offer the best in energy efficiency, strength and security, you can’t go wrong with steel. With foam core insulation wrapped in thick gauge steel, these entry doors ensure that your home remains comfortable and safe no matter the time of year.

Fiberglass Door Installation

Exterior Fiberglass Doors

As an increasingly popular option, a fiberglass entry door installation is also energy efficient, durable and low maintenance because this material resists weather-related expansion, rot and warping. With a range of finishes available, including wood grain, this material resists dents and scratches from high-volume traffic as well.

Door Installation Process

At Northern Advantage Exteriors, our team wants to make the process for replacing your exterior or interior doors as seamless as possible. We’ll walk you through every step of the process and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Door Replacement Services
  1. Initial Consultation
    We start with a consultation to assess your existing doors and determine if replacements are needed. After discussing your project, we can provide an accurate quote.
  2. Choose a New Door
    When you request a new door installation project, we can help you make the right choices for replacements. You’ll be able to view our all of our door options. We’re happy to answer any questions that you have and provide honest recommendations.
  3. Removal and Installation
    When your doors are ready for installation, we’ll carefully remove the existing doors first. Next, we’ll perform any adjustments necessary to ensure that the openings are properly prepared for your new door installation. Finally, we’ll secure the new doors in place and clean the work areas as if we were never there.
  4. Follow-up
    After your door installation is complete, one of our team members will reach out to you to make sure that the whole process met your expectations. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work and with your brand-new, secure doors. Then you can leave a review on our social media pages.

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